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whut wednesday {spray cake}

Every day I'm inhaling the Internet. Every day I see something so weird and wonderful it makes me go *whut* ~ so here's my new weekly column to entertain the masses. 

Two words: SPRAY CAKE.

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I am right and you're wrong {blunt moms}


melancholia in aisle 4

I'm terrible with keeping up on “real adult people” news. You know, governments collapsing, economies crumbling and wars leading to gas prices shooting up into the sky.

I get my news from social media, and my smart friends who ask my opinion (then I down a glass of something to keep my mouth busy for a sec and ask them thoughtfully, "I was actually really curious what YOU thought," then excuse myself to google that sh-t in the bathroom.)

So I only recently found out that clumps of Safeway stores are being closed across Canada. 

goodnight sweet prince

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blogs of future past

Back before I had a kid, I devoted many hours to another life-sucker: Review 2 A Kill. It was an intensely insane labour of love - we posted new content SIX times a week (WHUT?!) - and after a few years we were all intensely burned out.

But it lives on the Internet. Some days it gets more traffic than this site. (THAT'S COOL, MAN.)

Insanely flattering rendering of me by the ever talented Jason Copland

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naturally delicious

Ooof, my skin took the last few months off. I woke up one morning after I'd depleted my stock of Golden Naturals organic skin care and found this note:

"Off to Zit World! See you later Skater!"

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