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perfect ten {vol.9}

Every Saturday morning the kid and I stumble into the kitchen and make pancakes (her) and black tar heroin coffee (me.) I put on the last Queens of the Stone Age album, and she adds bowel busting food colouring to the four bowls of pristine batter. I make too many and she eats very few, but the ones she does devour have either crunchy red sprinkles or tubed icing worms on them. It's a sugar abomination, but syrup sure as shit must also spike blood sugar levels. It's a small way to be in the same space with an almost 4 year old before the weekend starts and she is shipped off to Grandma's house. It's me and her. Wrinkled jammies. Startling breath. Voices low with sleep. We clank around and wake up the place together. It's probably my favourite part of the weekend, next to Sunday morning when I get to SLEEP THE FUCK IN.

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all aboard the sleep train {blunt moms}

{Seriously. LET'S TRY THIS. My latest post for Blunt Moms is all about sleep training teeny tiny babies. Aka to dream the impossible dream...}

image via blunt moms

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parenting in real life

I determined once (in a very good unsober state) that the majority of my life's disappointments were caused by the vast amount of 80's movies and tv shows that were burned into my young pulpy brain.

I thought that school, and high school, and boys, and parties with high school boys, would happen a certain way. That marriage and children and a house and car and haircut appointments and Mom necklaces would all look this way and make me feel this way. I knew the ups and downs of life; at 11 years old I traced them like memories I already had when scanning the covers of the VHS New Releases, or devouring the latest issue of The Babysitter's Club.

This is what I would turn into. Own. Feel. Kiss. Love. Marry Corey Haim.


Cool. So fucking cool.

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perfect ten {vol.8}

Did you know a life without sugar is JUST BARELY worth living? I'm struggling here, folks. After a rad weekend in Victoria, the only bright spots of this long slog of a week were finally diving into Eleanor & Park, and picking up The Leftovers after a dismal 4th episode had turned me off. Oh, and also the weather in Vancouver right now is like the dreamiest of dreamboats. And I am still alive after drinking raw eggs blended into coffee. MORE ON THAT BAD ASS FRONT SOON. #RockyAsFuck 

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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super business girl

Do you listen to podcasts? (Well, other than my #yupnopepodcast of course.)

I listen to NPR's This American Life to feel smarter and more adult.

This week's episode's first segment features an 11 year old entrepeneur named Asia Newson aka Super Business Girl.

This tiny ambitious beast blew my mind.

What was I doing when I was 11?

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