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Scary Mommy



fawksy ladiesssss

It's the Long Weekend so I want to be more PLAY than COMPUTER. See you on the other side.

1995 supersonics 4ever


perfect ten {vol.6}

It's 10 minutes before Friday starts and I am feeling the week in every pore. Also, it's been 23 hours since I had sugar, so basically, I'm in goddamn misery. This week was so full at times I felt the water rising up over my nostrils. A three day weekend is within tantalizing reach - I plan on sitting down and accomplishing large swaths of NOTHING AT ALL. I think I need a hobby that isn't electronic. Anybody want a long piece of yarn that I crochet over and over?

all those chunks of bubble gum? yet to be seen.And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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you know what i love? {vol.1}


gluten freak out {blunt moms}

{For real, gluten free peeps. Get your shit together. My latest post for Blunt Moms is aimed squarely at sad sack celiacs.}

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the shitty issue of butt wiping {scary mommy}

{The craziest debut for me yet - huzzah to the army of loyal Scary Mommy fans!}

image via scary mommy

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