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Scary Mommy



my #streamteam august

still living the dream, guys

Want me to sing you the theme song of the children’s show Super Why currently airing Episodes 1 through infinity on Netflix Canada?


That’s just a taste but rest assured; I can do it all, backwards and forwards.

When I say my kid can get fixated on something and not let go, she makes getting a sock out of an Irish setter’s mouth look easy.

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perfect ten {vol.5}

Have you ever played Archery Tag? HINT: It's super hard but SUPER fun. I'm bruised, exhausted and have sand in my bellybutton but it was all worth it. Thank you to 6Pack Beach for hosting our annual Fantasy Football League Game. The place is dope; pro equipment and just really cool staff that don't make you feel like an idiot when the arrow you want to shoot slices your arm apart instead. If you live in the Lower Mainland, you should go check it out. Tell them Shitty Katniss Mom sent you.

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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whut wednesday {how did I make this?}

A weak excuse to share a gorgeous photo my beloved friend/last minute babysitter Nomi took this week?


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knock knock

Apartment life is an experience. You get to watch your neighbour’s lives, smell their weird roasts, listen to their elephant children clomp around at night, and know they commiserate when they hear the wails of your very tired and persistent 3 year old being dragged down the hallway, the sounds eventually swallowed by the hurried entrance into your unit then the gentle click of a door closing.

It’s cool. We’re all here under one roof, breathing, living, and co-existing.

Our building, because of its family vibe, where it’s situated and the desirable rent, has some rules. We signed contracts to not do or deal drugs, to not prostitute ourselves, to not be engaged in gang activity and absolutely, positively NO PETS.

Especially dog hookers who love meth and murder.

We are all united under these weird rules and, so, it goes.

in the city, your stoop is huge

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perfect ten {vol.4}



I had the first physio appointments of my life to address my very first unexplainable body injury. It's foreign in that clinic, me at 36. Because pussy, fat, uncoordinated latch-key kids escape childhood pain and x-rays very successfully when they're eating Skittles on bunk beds while inhaling Bop.

It's a weird pain in my butt that has stopped me from being active. The fear of a nagging and lingering injury casting a shadow over the rest of my life? That fear is deep, and squelching, and terrifying. I worry about all the things. Not being able to pick up my kid, putting weight back on, having to buy and WEAR PROPER SHOES.

And then Robin Williams. It's like the warm porch light of my childhood extinguished.

And then the weirdest weather - dark fat clouds hissing warmth and rain all over the city so it's impossible to breathe and stay dry simultaneously.

Before it all went sideways I took the kid to Cartems Donuts. That was the sweetest highlight of the week. In the days ahead, here's to more of this instead.


And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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