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*face palm* {guest post by est1975blog}

Remember that time Sarah from est1975blog let me lament my lack of sweater meat on her Blog?
Payback is beautiful, because here she is now guesting right here on
my Blog.
My happiness is sky high. My delight palpable. My fear REAL.

Enjoy the show folks; topping this is going to suuuuck. 


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i'm right & you're wrong {podcast alert}

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blog Post to tell you that I am now available for your ears too!

No longer do you just have to imagine what I would sound like saying "f-----ck."

Now you can hear for yourself.


PODCAST, lovers.

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foster the (little) people {modern mama}




orange you glad you're not in prison?

I just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. If you haven't seen either season, the hype is real. It's fantastic. Rich diverse characters fleshed out by actors who nail equally rich performances. But it's funny. And it will break your heart. And the perfectly clever music over the end credits for each episode makes you almost okay with the fact that the episode is over.

But you know this already because if you're my people, you have already seen it. So, let's go deeper. Because I learned some sh-t. About the world and myself and boobs. There will be *mild spoilers* ahead, so only read if you're all caught up.

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buck wild {blunt moms}