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Scary Mommy



Hi - atus

I'm still here. Guilting out every day for not posting anything. This is not the death rattle of this blog. I will return. Xo


The List (Husband Edition)

These are the five guys I wanted to marry at various impressionable years of my life, so basically from the ages of 8-17. Note "marry," not "wang off," or even "make out with." I was a very good girl.

Joey McIntyre (NKOTB)
Corey Haim
Flea (RHCP)
Tim Armstrong (Rancid)



Above the train station

I took this in a mad scramble as the light turned green across from the train station. The lighting was so promising yesterday at 8:42 am - the sky was all pale blue, melon, and marshmallow.



I cannot get any thoughts together in any semblance of any kind lately. I've all but abandoned this site, save for a photo here or there. I WILL find something great or shitty to elaborate on, soon. I just need to wash this month right of of my hair. Speaking of hair, I now have enough grey running through my hair that it looks like I paid a salon for grey highlights. I knew not dying my hair wouldn't suddenly make me more gorgeous; I just didn't think I'd become a silver fox at 32. I BLAME JANUARY.

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I call this one, "Can it PLEASE be Spring soon?"

Oh, the pinks and browns and blues! Ok, maybe this is from last Summer. Whatevs.