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stationery with an 'e'

Everybody has that something that they can't resist buying more of, even though they have drawers full of them at home. My current healthy obsession is stationery. If it's on sale, or at a Japanese gift store, or made of paper and ink, I want it. (Not buying it, after it's in my hands and Nuv looks at it, looks at me and says, "You have ENOUGH," and makes me put it down, is akin to leaving a puppy alone in a room with no food or water or tummy rubs. I walk away, stealing a quick look over my shoulder as we leave, and sob all the way home.) I have some BEAUTS! Would you like to see what I have?

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I don't even like miniature presents 

Her name is Petunia and my Christmas wish is to not murder her.



When I was 16, my two best friends and I put out a zine called Douche. Back then, in the mid-90s, this was our blogspot, our way of uniquely expressing our opinions, ideas and feelings, and getting mail. Oh man, we loved getting mail.

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the answer to every question 

The greatest DVR pause screen and I don't know exactly what this means but it is officially the only answer to "What are you doing?" from now till Christmas.


merry amazing

This is my very favourite Christmas image ever. I love it so.

(Thanks to google for not being an asshole for once.)