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Scary Mommy



I call this one "crazy delicious."

Tomato & herb havarti, avocado, rock salt and roasted garlic mayo on fried gluten free bread. CELIAC WIN!


...makes no sense at all

Every now and then, there arise anecdotes that have no family. They are little orphan nuggets of events and thoughts that float around my brain until they converge and form the post I call..makes no sense at all. (And if you haven't seen Idlewild, please do. The female lead's makeup and wardrobe are GORGEOUS.)

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I call this one "this shit is blue bananas."

So, overall, could not be having a worse day. My zip up hoody has ridden up 750 times, I woke up thinking about laying in a bed made of square shingles six times after finally falling asleep fighting off an ill-timed Coca-Cola chug, work is proving to be a little more challenging than usual (read: I want to kick everybody in the throat) and all I really want to do right now is play Wii swordfight, nap, bathe in a hotel bath, finish Breaking Bad Season 2, then eat gluten free cherry pie.

I forgot to add a big RAD THANKS! to the 125 179(!) of you that have stopped by today. You have no idea how much statistics can thrill me. Also, because it's Monday, I have a post up at review2akill.com. I think it's kinda good. Aaaaaand, new post up here tomorrow. Promise.


I call this one "the most expensive travel mug possible"

My Mama brought this back from the Wynn casino for me. (Nuv has a blue one that I once had to use to transport a urine sample.) Right now mine has tea in it. Evidently if you blog about how much better you're feeling, you dream about eating Jamie Foxx's skull made out of tuna and wake up with a throat so sore and tight brushing your tongue is gag city.


the one where it gets gross

I suppose if I can go back to work today, a mere 15 days after I last clocked out, TEN OF WHICH I WAS SICK, I should have the stamina to actually write something longer than a photo caption to accompany a picture taken on an iPhone and saturated & blurred to shit with two free photo Apps (Mill Colour and PS Mobile if you were itching to know).

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