Quick Answer: Why teenage pregnancy is a social problem?

What are the social problems of teenage pregnancy?

Not only does teenage pregnancy pose a health risk to both mother and child, it also has social consequences, such as continuing the cycle of poverty including early school dropout by the pregnant teenager. Education is one way a young girl or woman can empower themselves to become financially independent.

Why teenage pregnancy is a social problem in the Philippines?

Teenage Pregnancies are often associated with social development issues such as lack of sufficient education and poverty. This often results to single parenthood which catalyzes conditions that renders the mothers to become irresponsible. Hence, it conveys a social stigma in various countries and cultures.

What are the main causes of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy in SA is a multifaceted problem with many contributing factors such as poverty, gender inequalities, gender-based violence, substance use, poor access to contraceptives and issues with termination of pregnancy; low, inconsistent and incorrect use of contraceptives, limited number of healthcare …

How can we solve the problem of teenage pregnancy?

Suggestions for improving the situation included 1) developing a community based approach which utilizes school sex education integrated with parent, church, and community groups, 2) increasing teenage knowledge of contraception, and 3) providing counseling and medical and psychological health, education, and nutrition …

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How does teenage pregnancy affect the economy of a country?

Economic Consequences

When teens fall pregnant they are forced to drop out of school which lowers their chances of finding employment. This in turn lowers the family income and leads to a higher dependency ratio as they are forced to depend on parents or grandparents to provide for the newborn.

What are the possible questions about teenage pregnancy?

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What is the impact of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage births result in health consequences; children are more likely to be born pre-term, have lower birth weight, and higher neonatal mortality, while mothers experience greater rates of post-partum depression and are less likely to initiate breastfeeding [1, 2].

What are the three behavioral causes of teenage pregnancy?

These individual and environmental, sexual and nonsexual, risk and protective factors are the factors that programs try to change when they attempt to reduce teen sexual risk-taking and pregnancy.