Do male guppies chasing pregnant female?

Will a male guppy try to mate with a pregnant guppy?

This way, while one of the females is pregnant, the male will breed with the other female. This will then give the pregnant guppy an easy time in the tank without the male chasing her trying to mate again.

How do male guppies fertilize females?

Guppies are ovoviviparous, meaning they mate internally, as opposed to some fish who lay eggs and then the male fertilizes them. The male guppy’s anal fin develops into a gonopodium, their sexual organ, to transfer sperm into the female’s cloaca.

Why is my male guppy chasing my female Molly?

It sounds like the guppies being male are trying to mate with the Molly, who is a female. If she looks like this insert, it is a female. So you would need to add a couple more females and don’t worry about breeding, if they have babies in the tank, they will be removed by the others.

Are my guppies fighting or mating?

Guppies Chasing Each Other

Seeing guppy fish chasing each other isn’t uncommon at all. In fact, it’s normal mating behavior. Usually, you’ll see males chasing female fish all the time as they’re trying to mate.

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What do guppies look like when mating?

Guppy mating takes less than a second, and it looks just like he is stinging her at her vent where her gravid spot is located. This is the dark spot just behind the female’s abdomen. Although the breeding is extremely quick, numerous breedings will take place to ensure the female has been fertilized.

How quickly do guppies breed?

Once a female guppy is 2 or 3 months old, she tends to start giving birth. A female guppy under optimal conditions can give birth every 30 days — and each batch of fry can range from 20 to 50 baby guppies.

How do female guppies choose their mates?

Evolutionary biologists thought the female guppy always chooses her mate by his vibrant colors and swinging tail. But new research suggests that she may rely more on her nose when she can’t see who’s in the water. … In the far end of the stem, a female was released and allowed to swim up to one of the males.

Can guppies give birth over a few days?

Guppies can birth over a 48 hour period. Yours is still completely squared off, so yes, i would say she’s got some left in her. Be sure she has plenty to eat.

At what age do guppies get their color?

Typically, they will begin to get some color when they are between 1 week and 6 weeks old.

Can a guppy and a Molly mate?

Yes, a guppy and molly hybrid is possible. But you need to remember that it should be a guppy male with a molly female. And, that you should not have male and female mollies or guppies in the tank. Otherwise, they will not cross-breed with each other.

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Do Mollies get on with guppies?

Mollies and guppies are very similar fish with comparable behavior and needs. Generally speaking, they can get along in the same tank, but your success at keeping them together may depend on the specific breeds and individuals involved, and on your tank set up.