How did the child realize he was lost?

How did the child realize that he had lost his way?

Explanation: When the child came near the roundabout, he realized that he was lost. He realized this when he started to show his desire to have a ride on the roundabout. He turned towards his back when he didn’t get any reply from his parents.

How did the child feel when he was lost *?

Explanation: At first he himself thought he was lacking freedom but when he lost he realized that parents are most important than the freedom . Before he was lost he badly wanted the things but after he wandered or lost he realized the value of parents.

Why does the lost child lose interest in everything?

Answer: The lost child loses interest in the things he had wanted earlier because he got lost in the fair. He is panic-stricken for being lost.

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When did the child realize that he was lost in the fair?

When the child was walking with the parents in the fair , Suddenly the child turned and saw that his parents were not with him, So the child realised that he lost his way.

What was the child watching before he got lost?

36. What was the child watching when he got lost? Answer: The child was watching a roundabout in the fair. Men, women and children were carried away in a whirling motion.

What difference do you notice in the child’s Behaviour before and after he gets lost and separated from his parents?

Ans: Before losing his parents, the child is in a happy, cheerful and playful mood. He gets attracted to many things on the way but follows his parents’ call whenever they ask him to. He is amazed by the beauty of nature and enjoys it in his innocent way.

How did you know that the lost child was a nature lover?

Answer : We can know that the ‘lost child’ was a nature-lover because he was initially fascinated (attracted) by the flowering mustard-field, the dragonflies, little insects and worms, bees and butterflies on the way to the fair. … In the story, the child was a lover of the nature.

What did the child want to eat at the fair the lost child?

In the lesson THE LOST CHILD the child in the fair wants to eat orange barfie from the sweetmeat seller.

What made the child move on from the snake charmer?

What made the child move on from the snake charmer? Answer: The child had been forbidden by his parents from listening to the music being played by the-snake charmer,which they had termed as coarse, so he moved away from the snake-charmer.

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