How should a baby with torticollis sleep?

How do you sleep with left torticollis?

Torticollis is when the neck muscles are tighter on one side than the other. The head turns to one (1) side in people with this condition.


  1. Lay your baby on their back.
  2. Put a colorful toy to the left of your baby’s head. Or sit or lie in that area.
  3. Put your baby in this position often during the day.

Is it OK for baby to sleep with head turned?

Most parents know that the safest way to put their baby to sleep is on its back. Babies who sleep on their backs are much less likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Babies who always sleep with their head to the same side can develop flat spots.

Can torticollis affect bottle feeding?

While the condition is easily treated, it’s also common for moms to wonder if torticollis will affect breastfeeding. In fact, babies use many muscles while nursing, and torticollis can make breastfeeding complicated.

What is the difference between torticollis and plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly is the most common form of flat head syndrome and presents itself as an asymmetrical head shape, with one side of the head usually being more flat than the other side. Torticollis is a condition characterised by a head tilt to one side as a result of a shortened neck muscle.

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How long does torticollis last?

A wry neck (acute torticollis) often improves within 24-48 hours. However, it may take up to a week for the symptoms to go completely. Occasionally, the symptoms last longer or come back at a later time for no apparent reason. Most people who have had torticollis do not have is again in the future.

Can a baby with torticollis look both ways?

Positioners, such as swings and bouncy seats, do not allow babies the opportunity to look both directions, which is needed for the neck to develop a free range of motion.

Does infant torticollis go away on its own?

How is congenital muscular torticollis treated? Congenital muscular torticollis most often goes away on its own by the time the child is 1 year of age. During this time, exercises help stretch the muscle. Your child may see a physical therapist (PT) for stretching.

Can torticollis be permanent?

Sometimes torticollis is permanent (fixed) because of a problem with muscles or bone structure. In rare cases, fixed torticollis is caused by an abnormal area in the back part of the brain or by a tumor in the spinal cord.

Is torticollis a birth defect?

In general, torticollis is classified as either congenital (present at birth) or acquired (occurring later in infancy or childhood). By far the most common type is congenital muscular torticollis.

Can torticollis be cured in babies?

Infant torticollis is completely curable. The faster your baby gets treatment, the better. Treatment typically involves physical therapy to even out the muscles in the baby’s neck.

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What is the best sleeping position for a baby with reflux?

Back sleeping is the best way to reduce the risk of SIDS and is the recommended position until babies can roll over fully on their own―even for babies with reflux.