Quick Answer: How big are the Baby Bullet storage cups?

Is the Baby Bullet a food processor?

Baby Bullet is not a steamer/processor. So with the exception of bananas and avocados, you’ll want to steam everything first either on the stovetop or in the microwave. The Baby Bullet can puree any adult foods, so your baby can have what you are serving the rest of the family.

What are the numbers on the baby bullet containers?

The Baby Bullet has so many great features. My most favorite thing about the Baby Bullet is the date dials on every food storage container. It has the numbers 1-31. The reason is so you can know when you made the baby food that month.

Why does my NutriBullet smell like burning?

The bearings in the blade assembly can become seized from liquid and food seeping through. This will cause the motor to work harder than it should, and either overheat or burn out. Dull blades from blending lots of ice or other hard foods can also cause stress on the motor, sometimes resulting in a burning smell.

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