What do I say to my friend who had a miscarriage?

What to say to a friend who has miscarried?

Here are 5 phrases to say to a friend who has just had a miscarriage:

  • “I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m here for you.” …
  • “Remember you are not alone. …
  • “I’m thinking of you.” …
  • “I love you so much and I imagine you feel [awful] right now, but I just had to remind you of how wonderful I think you are.” …
  • “Grief knows no timeline.

What not to say to someone who had a miscarriage?

So here’s a list of thing not to say to someone who has had a miscarriage.

  • You Can Always Have Another. …
  • Now You Have an Angel Looking After You. …
  • It’s for the Best. …
  • At Least You Didn’t Know Your Baby. …
  • There Must Have Been Something Wrong. …
  • Did You Do Something You Weren’t Supposed To? …
  • I Understand How You Feel.

How do you make someone happy after a miscarriage?

Offer help in any way possible.

“Just let the person know you are sorry and offer help in any way,” Lillibridge said. “Lend an ear, cook a few dinners, and if you are close, you can offer to go with them to their doctor.”

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Is it appropriate to send flowers when someone has a miscarriage?

Flowers are an especially great gift following a miscarriage because they can help add a cheerful atmosphere to a house that may now remind your loved one of what they’ve lost. The right bouquet can act as a reminder that there is still beauty and light in the world.

What happens if you have a miscarriage and don’t get cleaned out?

Often, some of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus after a miscarriage. If it is not removed by scraping the uterus with a curette (a spoon-shaped instrument), you may bleed for a long time or develop an infection.

What color is the miscarriage flower?

Sympathy Gift for Miscarriage or the Loss of a Child

Sympathy flowers are a timeless gift that can be sent to the home or office. A white flower arrangement symbolizes innocence and peace, or soft blues, pinks and purples can be a calming, more colorful reminder of their loved one.

How do you say sorry for a miscarriage?

Simply say… ‘I’m sorry

“I’m very sorry that you have lost your baby.” “This must be really difficult for you.” Or even: “I don’t know what to say.”

Is it OK to name a miscarried baby?

4 It’s okay to keep those names unless it feels too painful. Use a word that is meaningful to you even if it isn’t technically a name. The name for your miscarried baby is not likely to be used by anyone except you and your partner, so it’s a decision you can make without seeking others’ input.

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Can a relationship survive a miscarriage?

Married or cohabitating couples who had a miscarriage were 22 percent more likely to break up as opposed to couples who had a healthy baby at term. For couples who had a stillbirth, this number was even higher, with 40 percent of couples ultimately ending their relationship.