Who influences a child more parents or teachers?

Do teachers have more influence than parents?

In conclusion, although teachers probably have a greater effect in stimulating the intelligence of school children, parental influences on the development of children are stronger in social situations.

Who influence the child most?

Basically, whether parents or peers have more influence depends on the age of the child. Starting as early as age 12–and for some kids at least by 14–friends definitely have more influence than parents.

Why teachers are more influential than parents?

Both parents and teachers play an instrumental role in shaping the academic and social development of a child. I believe that when children begin going to school, teachers play a more important role than parents because they spend most of their time in school and parents rarely have time to teach them.

Who has more influence on teenagers lives parents or teachers?

Many people would agree that parents often have the most powerful influence on a child’s life, and it may have been true during your childhood as well. … However, as a child grows older and experiences a natural inclination toward independence from his parents, teachers can wield more influence.

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Why parents play bigger role in shaping a child?

Parents play important role in encouraging and motivating their kids to learn. Good parental support helps child to be positive, healthy and good life long learner. Children acquire skills at the very early stage of their life if the parents are responsive and understanding.

Do parents influence child’s personality?

Our personalities are a result of the various kind of experiences we face. It is also a result of our upbringing. Parental influence on personality development of any child is highly significant. … It is important to ensure that parenting style supports healthy growth and development of the child.

What influences a child’s behavior?

cultural expectations, experiences and child rearing practices. exposure to drugs, alcohol. the child’s emotional development and temperament. presence of a disability that may impact on the child’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Why are parents the greatest influence?

As a parent, you influence your child’s basic values, like religious values, and issues related to her future, like educational choices. And the stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you’ll have. That’s because your child values your good opinion, advice and support.

Do teachers make better parents?

The results show that children whose fathers teach at third level or whose mothers teach at second level do better and these effects are greater than effects of sex or family structure. The paper also analyses whether teenagers are more likely to be helped with their schoolwork if their parents are educators.

How significant is the role of your parents in molding your character?

Parents should teach their children to become matured and face the adverse situations of life boldly. … Although parents play a major role in shaping child’s personality, they should also remember that they cannot do everything to the child. Parents should not feel pressurized in the process of developing children.

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