You asked: What brand of diapers does Sams Club carry?

What brand is Sams diapers?

Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark diapers are manufactured by Paragon Trade Brands, which makes diapers, training pants, and feminine hygiene products (which are all made in the United States).

Can you exchange diapers for a different size at Sam’s Club?

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Unfortunately we can’t offer an exchange without a membership number or receipt. Exchanges and/or returns must be initiated by the member that made the purchase. I suggest you contact the member that gifted the diapers to you.

Can you return diapers from Sams to Walmart?

Can you return diapers from Sams to Walmart? Walmart will allow you to return or exchange unopened diapers within 90 days even without a receipt. Diapers that pass Walmart’s verification scan can also be returned after 90 days, but you likely won’t be allowed to return open packages of diapers.

Will Sam’s Club exchange without receipt?

Sam’s Club allows customers to return items without a receipt as an employee can look up your receipt for any item within 2 years of the original purchase date. Although you can make returns at Sam’s Club without a receipt, it is recommended that you bring the original receipt for a hassle-free returns process.

Can you return items to Sams Club?

Return your item with your receipt to the Member Services desk at any Sam’s Club location. Your refund will be issued as cash or credit, depending on your original form of payment. Ship it back. … Items purchased at a Sam’s Club location can’t be shipped back.

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